Funding Priorities

Komen Chattanooga Affiliate is one of over 100 affiliates in the network of Susan G. Komen, the world’s largest and most progressive grassroots network fighting to end breast cancer forever. The Affiliates are the face and voice of Komen’s global breast cancer movement in communities around the world. Through local events and activities, the Komen Chattanooga Affiliate mobilizes and educates thousands of community members while raising funds to support community–based breast cancer programs.

Funding Priorities for the 2016 – 2017 Grant Applications:

As evidenced by the Statement of Need and the 2015 Community Profile, the Chattanooga Affiliate has identified the following funding priority areas for the 2016 Request for Grant Application.

1. Increase access to age-appropriate and risk-appropriate breast health services with a focus on maintaining a Continuum of Care for groups identified as experiencing disparities in screening, diagnostics and care to reduce late-stage diagnosis and mortality rates.

A.    Increase access to appropriate screenings and diagnostic services to uninsured, underinsured and low income women and men in the 16 county Affiliate service areas. Improve access for underserved populations, including African- American and Latina women as well as women living in remote rural areas, to breast health services especially those in Fannin and Murray counties in NW Georgia and Hamilton and Rhea counties in SE Tennessee. (Note: The Hamilton county areas of focus include the following zip codes in; 30402, 37403, 37404, 37408, 37410, 37411 and low-income sections of 37405, 37406 and 37415).

B.    Programs or projects that provide free or low-cost breast screenings and diagnostics for low-income and under-insured women and men who are NOT eligible for other funding or grant coverage.

2.  Increase breast health education in regards to the Continuum of Care, the importance of early breast cancer detection and the improvements in treatment options. Address and educate minority, under-served and hard to serve populations about self-awareness, access to services and help minimize fears surrounding breast cancer.

A. Use evidence-based, culturally relevant education methods designed to increase mammography utilization in at-risk communities with measurable outcomes, especially those in Fannin, Murray, and Rhea counties and the following zip codes in Hamilton County; 30402, 37403, 37404, 37408, 37410, 37411 and low-income sections of 37405, 37406 and 37415.

B. Projects that increase the number of educational and outreach programs that will demonstrate successful outcomes of increasing the number of women seeking and receiving mammography services, diagnostics and treatment, particularly in the African American, Latina and remote-rural service areas.

C. Access to mammography, screening and diagnostic services for uninsured or underinsured men presenting with symptoms likely to be breast cancer.

3.  Increase navigational services promoting seamless care along the breast health continuum from education through diagnosis, treatment, follow up care and survivorship.

4.    Survivorship and co-survivorship programs to offer culturally relevant education/outreach activities that result in action-oriented behavior as shown in the Continuum of Care.