Komen Chattanooga Funding Statement


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The Chattanooga Affiliate has a remarkable group of trained volunteers, many of whom have been personally touched by breast cancer, who conduct educational presentations on breast health and breast cancer for organizations, businesses, schools, and community groups free of charge. Presentations can be scheduled for small to large groups for people of all ages.  Speakers will go to your organization or group’s location and presentation hours are flexible from anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour.

Speakers also come with educational materials. Video and PowerPoint presentations are available. We are eager to share our life-saving information and our personal stories with you. To inquire about scheduling a speaker for your next event, please email info@komenchattanooga.org. Click here to download a Revised Speaker Request Form

 Health Fairs Health fairs are an important venue for the Chattanooga Affiliate of Susan G. Komen® to reach new people and distribute vital life-saving breast health information.

The Affiliate hosts booths at several health fairs held in and around the Chattanooga area. Our volunteers are eager to set up a Komen booth at health fairs and are trained to answer any questions regarding breast health and breast cancer information. We hand out educational materials about breast health and breast-self checks, as well as provide information about local breast health programs and services at our booths. If you know about an upcoming health fair where you would like us to add a Komen booth, please email us at info@komenchattanooga.org.

 Upcoming Health Fairs To volunteer for any of the Health Fairs below please contact the Affiliate office at (423) 499-9155. Upcoming Health Fairs are posted on the Komen Chattanooga Events Calendar!

If you are interested in becoming one of our cherished volunteers, we would love to have you become part of our family!  Click here for more information!

Susan G. Komen® Chattanooga is dedicated to educating members of our community on the importance of good breast health practices.

1. Breast Self-Awareness

2. Online Educational Resources

3. Request Educational Material

4. Request a Speaker or Health Fair Representative

5. The State of Breast Cancer Report

To save you time and make it more convenient for you, you can download these educational resources yourself:

Mammography Cards:

Mammography Cards In English

Mammography Cards in Spanish

Request Educational Materials

If you would like to request breast health educational material from Komen Chattanooga, please fill out the Education Materials Request Form.  A representative from the Komen staff will be in touch with you within 5 business days of receiving your completed form.

We may only honor requests from individuals or organizations within our 16-county service area; however if you are outside of the service area, please look up your closest Komen Affiliate online. Please allow at least 2 weeks lead time for educational material requests. There is a limit of 100 copies of each material, although 100 copies are not guaranteed. Please complete the request form and email it to the Komen office at 6025 Lee Highway, Suite 203, Chattanooga, TN 37421 or call us with any questions at 423.499.9155

 For more information please email us at info@komenchattanooga.org